All too often we see network cabling (data & phone) installed or serviced by electricians who lack the knowledge or skills to do so correctly. Your network cabling is crucial to your business running smoothly and quickly or getting the most out of your home internet connection. Here at KW Data we specialise in both data and telephone cabling and understand that not all networks are the same. That is why wether you are getting a full fit-out, network upgrade/overhaul or simply adding to an existing network, we will plan and implement a solution tailored specifically to your network requirements. 


Data Cabling Fit-outs

Get it done right once and forever. Discuss with us your network requirements and we'll plan and implement a solution specifically for your needs. All our fit-outs are fully tested and labeled clearly, and we offer a half an hour network overview to help you understand how everything works and how you can make changes yourself in the future.


Adds, Moves & Changes

Are you renovating, moving to a new location or just extending your office space? If so we can add to or relocate any of your network infrastructure to suit. We also offer network tidy ups to clean up messy cabs or test and label unlabelled data points.


Cable Testing & Repairs

Are you experiencing faulty cables or ports? We can test and diagnose the problem usually in minutes and provide you with a quote to repair.